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Aisaresugite XX sarechau
愛されすぎて××されちゃう | A lot of love and XX
Available: SET 1 to SET 3 with Tokutens

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Mothers of Kemono no Souja Erin

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Erin and Ial !! I love this couple!!

Erin and Ial from Kemono no souja erin
What a lovely anime!~

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What if I told you that this show:

was better than this show?:

Because it really is and all of you should watch it.

Se arma la tercera guerra mundial(?)

Kemono no Souja Erin dvd covers

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Don’t watch anime based off light novels. You’ll want to read them and die because there are no translations.

Little drawing of me in despair by: @mattyengarde

Is true :’c

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One must be forgiven if she or he has never seen some of these titles. I mean, other than it not being obligatory, there are simply so many anime available. You can’t expect someone to have watched them all. Still, it’s a shame that these quality anime have gone well under the radar. And what…

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Jooubachi no kanbinaru kougou - Official website

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Yaku is Nekoma’s mom and that’s probably why he and Suga get along so well and the two of them together are the best. He’s also the cutest person ever. 

Look at him eating watermelon.


And him adoring Kenma not being shy like the proud mother he is




I love Yaku so much.

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腐】龍と虎らくがき by もぐりは

Mama Suga and Mama Yaku

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